Are You Too Much Of A Brand Conscious Person?

Yesterday, it was a pretty good and thrilling day. At first, we got to know that all of our scheduled classes have been canceled. I, and few of my friends planned to go for window shopping to the well-known city mall of our city. And yes, to enjoy an OPTP lunch.

Summer season is here and a variety of colorful dresses were displayed at a reasonable price. I was just going through one of the clothes outlets when suddenly at my left I heard two young girls arguing with each other which went like:
No, No! I want to look pretty, I don’t want to purchase my dress from here.
But why??? C’mon look at this one. That pretty suits you well. And yes, that fabric is amazing!!
You know I am brand conscious and I always wear branded clothes. OH MY GOD. I can’t even imagine shopping from here. I mean, C’mon! I haven’t even heard of this brand outlet ever before.


Well, at first I thought maybe she’s confused to between choosing all these amazing dresses because a hectic amount of variety was displayed. But when I got to know her point of being “brand conscious”, I was pretty shocked. Her friend was unsuccessful in convincing her and finally, they went outside.

Being brand conscious is a new trend prevailing in our society. It has been widely spread among our youth. While writing this blog, the first question that popped up in my mind was “Am I a brand conscious person myself?

Yes, I do have some of my favorite brands. I feel good when I wear them. I shop from my favorite outlets but that doesn’t mean that I strictly follow the concept of “Wear your brand, nothing else”.


Western culture is having its command via strong inference.

From our television dramas till the festivities in our educational institutions, we are copying the trends of the West. Day by day, it is becoming an obsession for our people. It’s probably a distress to see the same thing being sold at a different place but ONE brand tag can make it favorable over the other.

People are going crazy for brands. From jeans to shirts to perfumes. Be it cosmetics and fashion accessories, people go beyond their way just to look GOOD. Most probably, this is just to complete the fact they have assumed that they won’t look good if they won’t wear their favorite brand.

NO! I’m not saying that we shouldn’t wear our favorite brand. Surely everyone wants to look gorgeous but we should refrain from the fever of brand consciousness. As long as you know about fashion and know how to dress up, you should be fine with any clothes you have. These accessories with brand tags don’t mean that they are sexier than others.


Looking good is not about the clothes you wear or the most expensive perfume you wear. I have seen many people who go into town wearing the most expensive clothes along with some dazzling piece of jewelry but still look pretty horrible.

In my opinion, it is not about the clothes we wear; it is about how we wear them.

Wearing a 3 thousand rupee dress in a good way, you can look better than a person who is wearing a dress worth 25 thousand and doesn’t even know how to lift dupatta from the back which is  moving with her like a crane moving a car from No-parking area. LOL.

The youth of 21st Century believes strictly in the concept of being brand conscious. A new concept has emerged in our people that if we won’t follow our brand, we won’t be confident enough to face the people around us. Here, the mindset of people is projected towards the uniqueness they get by wearing their desired brands. It is good to have a positive self-evaluation for ourselves. But having self-evaluation just by the dress code you follow is not necessary. We can evaluate ourselves through a good personality as well. Communication skills play a major role in self-evaluation.


Today, the students of our universities and colleges are more concerned with the brand tags on their accessories than the prices on which they are available. As per my findings, women are found to be more brand conscious as compared to men. Just go to Google images and search it. You will probably see female wardrobes in a huge number displayed in search results. Brands for, sure, have a major role in the fashion world.


However, spending your money unreasonably on high check tagged products is not a sensible step. At times, some people try to show off as well. Well, a moment of silence for the people who wear brands just to show off how much dollars they are having in their stockpile.

However, yesterday after enjoying the OPTP lunch and some window shopping, we were going back to our cars when all of a sudden I saw the same girl arguing with her friend again. I don’t know on what matter she was arguing again. I guess it will be in the selection of Taxi, Yellow cab or Black cab because at the end she was “Brand Conscious.”