Are You Planing To Purchase New GPU?-Prices Are Touching The Sky

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In computer build, you surely need everything to have better performance and reach the higher FPS. Such as a good GPU, whose prices are really touching sky.

But for that, you might need money and in-country, since the lockdown happened the prices went way higher than the sky.

Among the other components, one of the most demanding elements in the computer is the Graphics Card (GPU) and its prices are way above gold and touching sky.

In Pakistan PC gaming is booming, youngsters are no doubt investing their energy, money, and time to play high-end exclusive games.

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It’s not just about the high price of the Graphics Card, every component is unmatchable and costing a lot.

That’s the reason many PC gamers shifting towards a console, as it costs way less than a PC.

Why The Prices Are Going Higher?

There’s been a shortage in the market according to the market survey, which cost the GPU prices. And that’s one of the reasons, everyone been listening for the past year.

A graphics card that was around 40k before the lockdown, now that new GPU will cost you around 50 to 60k and that’s insane.

One of the main reasons behind it, which also been discussed on various gaming groups and that is mining.

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Since Cryptocurrency is happening in Pakistan, many private organizations are holding commands on GPU and using them as mining. Mining gave the leverage to all the retailers to raise the price and let the gamers suffer more.

The market is stable now, it’s been more than 5 months since the lockdown escalated, but still no change.

The actual price of Nvidia RTX 3070 is $499, but in Pakistan, it will be sold way higher than the actual price and that’s why people aren’t interested in buying GPUs from here.

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Professional gamers or average users must prefer to buy brand new BPUs instead of used ones.

2021 started, still no news regarding the downfall of the prices instead it’s getting higher and it’s affecting the gaming community.

Crypto mining created a big impact on the price rise of GPUs. It’s hard to predict when the computer market will get more stable.

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