Are You One Of Those Parhy Likhy Jahils As Well?

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From the last few decades, Pakistan is busy in some maniac race of technical degrees . We are all professionals , we are so proud of our professional degrees but we forgot one thing that a professional degrees only teach you skills not knowledge!

1. You only have a technical education?

You may be a doctor, engineer or accountant but all these degrees are professional degrees which mean they only teach skills .


2. You know nothing about the humanities !

You never read any author like Qurat ulain Haider , Asmat Chugtai ,Bano Qudsia ,Mushtaq Ahmad Yusafi .


3. You read books full of facts

Facts and knowledge are two different things.


4.You don’t read any newspaper articles

You only read filmy pages or fashion magazine . Or horoscopes .


5. You read very selective religious books


6. You are limited to a very like minded circle .


7. You hate opposite gender

You are hypnotized by media to think in some manners , you believe ” all men are same ” OR ” women love money ” . You are blind to see your father or mother as an example and you are filled with hatred .

8. Everything you know about religion is ‘heard ‘ and not ‘read’


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