Are You Color Blind? The Dress That Has Taken The Internet By Storm!

Here, we have a blurry photo of dress, taken in the poor lighting of cell phone. But the internet is going crazy over this!


What is the color of the dress?

This new viral image has confused all the people on the internet. Many people across the world have different opinions about colors in the dress.

Some report that the color of the dress is little Blue or White.

Some claim to see a gold and white dress.

Some respondents say that it is olive green, a lilac or dark brown.


You can see the result on Twitter, as this image holds the attention of many tweeters for the past 12 hours. You will not believe, even Photoshop’s trusty color detection tool has to failed to give the right answer.

A senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Dr Simon Cropper, says:

“The photo itself isn’t doing anyone any favors”

The vision and perception expert of gold and white camp says:

“If you saw the dress in real life there’d be no question. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s a color context effect – the surroundings and lighting presented with it will drastically change how it appears.”

A Neuroscientist, Jay Neitz, from the University of Washington concludes that the photo has amazing features to confuse the visual system and he shared his opinion:

“I’ve studied individual differences in color vision for 30 years. This is one of the biggest individual differences I’ve ever seen.”

According to Dr Cropper:

“The size, resolution and brightness of the screen you’re using will drastically change your perception of the dress”.

This Vine video has given a clear suggestion of dress changing color along with the screen brightness.

Here are some reasons that why people are seeing different colors in the dress.

Mr. Cropper said that the people, who have witnessed darker and blue-hued colors, are taking image at surface reading level ignoring the contextual factors like the back lighting and shadow.

People, who have reported a gold and white color, are matching the dress to its surrounding.

Dr Cropper also shared a biological opinion:

“Difference in perception tends to occur on the blue spectrum because some people have more blue cones in their retinas than others,”

To conclude, if you’re seeing blue and black your eyes are likely more sensitive to blue tones than others.

However, according to the woman posted the image said that the dress is displayed in black and blue.

Scottish musician Caitlin McNeill first saw the dress at a wedding and got in touch with her daughter to seek another opinion

McNeill told

“We all went crazy trying to figure out why some people were seeing white and gold, and others saw blue and black,”

So, in the end, Ms McNeill saw a lady in the dress at a wedding and dress has clear blue and black colors. The lady opinion about the color, has also been supported from the official brand site, Roman Originals,

The dress is blue and black.

However, the difference in opinion was just because of extra-ordinary lightening and poor quality of photo that makes the dress colors appearing as gold and white due to photo’s contextual elements and biological factors specific to the individual.




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