No Fields, But Massive Graduates-No Upgrade In Pakistan’s Education

no upgrade pakistan education system

It’s been ages, our education system isn’t working ideally still, our students don’t have enough options to select their field and progress on it. Some fields have become so common, that even engineering students are switching to creative designs and adapting that field. In short, Pakistan’s education system has no upgrade.

Things have changed, the world is revolutionizing with the digital era and education is getting broader in every perspective. Which is giving liberty to students to choose the right path.

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Though the development changed the overall education paradigms and brought in numerous new fields, it also developed a deep sense of confusion in the mind of a common learner as to which field of study he should choose.

In Pakistan, we generally and most commonly have a Matric system, where a student has to select a field of study between Science, Computer Science or Commerce. This shows that the education system in Pakistan has no upgrade.

In Matric student only have those three options to select their field regarding their interest even if he/she does not have interest in any one of them but they are forced to.

That’s why students get confused among these 3 major courses and sometimes teachers also misguide the students by advising them on the wrong path. Nowadays it is a major problem for our young bright students when they are stuck in between course selection.

Will it be worth it? Will it be beneficial for my future? These are several questions that always run in a student’s mind all the time, and haunt them day and night.

Our education system is so dull, that our bright minds of our country travel abroad for higher education and even some are going to make their career in Esport.

pakistan education system
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There’s this thing, do we really need mass education to grow development in Pakistan? Every year massive amount of graduates pass out and what’s happening nothing.

In our country, there is no variety in career selection, students are still taking a tour of the same old stereotypes fields and nothing is happening.

No Upgrade In Pakistan’s Education System

In Pakistan, it now becomes a major problem for students to select a major course related to their interest it’s their parent’s fault. When a student starts his early education it’s been a habit that parents not even seeing his/her child interest decide that they should be a doctor, Engineer, or banker. Adding more flavor to this, the education system in Pakistan plays a very vital role as it has not yet upgraded.

And they just start giving them attention towards their studies and want them to go towards the field that they have decided and want them to be the best in school and build this kind of habit in them.

It’s surely not suitable for any student out there, because it will put you in the dark corner of stress.

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That was the time when they have the right to explore themselves, but their parents make them study the field in which their child doesn’t have a single amount of interest.

It’s been our society’s mentality and that’s why those children face failure. But as time passed new educational programs came in the undergraduate program category that opened lots of options like Media Science, English Literature, Mass Communication, etc.

these kinds of courses are the real interest of our youth but still they are confused because of their previous educational background.

Seek Proper Counsellor For Future

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So, there is a solution for the students who are still finding themselves in a room of confusion while having plenty of options to choose the major field that will lead them in the future, there are so many student counseling systems that have been established privately and in schools as well. In schools, student counseling is only in O/A level schools because they offer this kind of special treatment to the students.

These counsels find out the real interest of those confused students and lead them to the right path. They will guide you on the right path for the future, they will study your mind and give you some ideas.

It let you know some of the abilities, that you aren’t aware of it and guide you according to that.

Those students shouldn’t listen to their parents when it comes to their studies.

You should be choosing your field according to your interest and passion. Without any of it, you might fall down in the deepest depression of failure you haven’t face before.

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But don’t let your parents ruin your career, most important thing nowadays most of the students select major field concerning that this field has a good scope, money and blah blah.

No doubt, fields don’t have a scope, you have to make one to reach your goal. But for that, you must have unique, a major field that lets you make your own path towards success.

Support your child and encourage them to explore themselves, guide them to make a goal or aim in life, so that it will help them achieve what they want to because that will make them hungry to take every single opportunity to achieve that goal.

And students should also focus on their goals, studies, and social life as well because focusing on these three things will lead them to practical life.

If you learn how to achieve your goal ambitiously first through education and when you succeed in doing that task then you will automatically give your 100% in practical life as well.

Explore the areas around you regarding your interest and then make a final decision according to it.

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