Are We Living a Fake Life?

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Sometimes, as we go along the normal routines of our lives, something prompts us to think about our existence. Day by day, we do the same tasks, follow the same rules that we ourselves created and it makes one wonder if there is more to life. Do we not wish for anything better than the monotony that we are faced with everyday to achieve success?

What is Success?

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I have questioned myself over and over again. Is it money, fame and power, or is it more than that? Is it the inner peace that every person seeks, or it is a bank  account full of money? It is difficult to answer such a question as everyone’s definition of success would be different. While some would seek wealth, others would seek fame and some, seek neither but inner peace. It is the way of life.

Our Little Boxes

I have observed people living their whole lives inside a box, the box that they are born in. In our society, these boxes are found everywhere: at the time of birth, a child is born into a box regardless of its gender. They have relationships with people; parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. With relationships, the expectations start growing for the little one who is too young to understand their role in life.

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Girls are bound by invisible restrictions that tie them to certain things they are not allowed to do while boys have different restrictions. Their parents try to raise them into a mirror image of what they are, and what they believe their sons should be like. They are forced to acquire a certain education and attain a polished demeanor that will help them stand in the society and the world. While I totally agree with the concept that education is essential, there is something wrong in the way the children are pushed.

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Pushed into Perfection

A child should be given the chance to believe in themselves. They should be given enough leverage in their future, as well as compassion, so that they do not have to hide their shortcomings from their parents, who should be the most stable source of love, forgiveness and understanding. While that should be the right practice, it isn’t often executed. Children are pressured into following the agreed upon norms in the society; high grades, excelling in sports and acquisition of awards. Every parent dreams that his or her child would achieve all these and in order to get this success, they push their children. What they don’t understand is that every child has their own capacity level and talents. It is their duty as parents to help them unveil their strengths and overcome their weaknesses through those strengths.

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 No Place for Difference

Legends are born into societies every day where they have to succumb to the rules and regulations defined by their predecessors. While we are taught that there are seven stages of life, in reality, we have only three stages: the first is the childhood when children have to obey their parents’ wishes, when they grow up, they enter into the second stage where their parents expect them to achieve all they decided and acquire the success that they dreamed for them. Once they acquire that, they are expected to marry ‘for a better life’. The third stage of their lives is when they become parents themselves and the cycle continues.

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In all this, the once- children almost forget what they wants for themselves, what their hopes and dreams are, and how they is going to acquire those. The concept of finding ones’ self in our society is rare. As is enriching ones’ talents, and living for yourself. If someone wishes to break free from those binds, it is almost impossible. From the day a child takes their first breath, their life belongs to their family’s and society’s pressures.

Is there no way to find ourselves? Is the life that is gifted to us being wasted on our irrelevant longings?

Each person that comes into this world is different from the others. They have special qualities that need to be addressed, brought forward and cheered for because that brings out confidence within them. Can we never break out of this boxed life that we live in? Can we never free ourselves from these society’s clutches?


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