Applying For USA Visa became a Terrible Experience for this Couple in Pakistan

A lot of people of Pakistan love to travel and find moments for a change of environment. Travelling helps you freshen your mind, sometimes you even get to learn new languages. Along with having adventures, you gain a new perspective and you get educated as well. Along with challenging you, it also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Not Your Average Gal

However, this story recently surfaced where a couple faced difficulty and they shared their experience. Obviously, when you travel you go through a security session which for Jaffar Ali and his wife, did not go well. A horrible nightmare more likely. Jaffar who has traveled the UK, US and Schengen Countries on multiple occasions, wanted his wife to travel with him for the first time which did not settle well with the lady officer.

Head Over Feels

If we start from the beginning, after getting basic documentations done and paying the visa fee, the appointment got scheduled at 7:30 am on January 03, 2018. After arriving at the consulate an SMS security guard did his regular check-up of their passport/visa appointment. Jaffar was asked to proceed inside of the building and his wife was asked to stay outside and was not allowed to enter until a female security personnel would have checked her. Which took a long time followed by another checkup.

A Reader of Fictions

After waiting outside with no proper area to wait around, seemed like as if they had committed a crime and were put into categories of low-level people. After getting done with the biometric, they moved on to a lady officer who rudely inquired with suspicion as to why the wife wants to travel before taking the documents. After informing that it’s for visiting relatives and obviously for exploring some places.


Which followed by more questions and even a statement of why they did not choose some other country, Jaffer points the reason for that question towards the recent Trump’s statement.

After asking his wife’s age and being shocked at her being a housewife at age 35 and not having to work a day in her life, this followed by the application not be entertained with Jaffer’s. A person from Pakistan with a better than usual income if compared to the US, would want his wife to be with him on every step of the way. It is despairing how much of the trouble this couple had to go through.


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