Twitter Reacts Hilariously to Bilawal Bhutto Entering The Long List Of Shaheeds

This colossal screw up by Faryal Talpur has really shocked the masses, during a jalsa in Azad Kashmir where she referred to her nephew and PPP Chairman “Bilawal Bhutto Zardari” as shaheed (martyred). Twitter had a field day with this news!

What might have happened is that Faryal Talpur may have gotten a speech that was supposed to be used in future a little prematurely. We sincerely hope that is not the case!    

1. Faryal Giving Phuppos Everywhere A Bad Name

2. It Has Been Used So Much She Probabaly Started Thinking It’s Their Last Name


3. She Is So Sure it’s going to happen one day

4. Or Maybe It Is All Part Of The Grand Plan That She Accidentally Leaked

5. But The Best Reaction of all was Shehla Raza’s flabbergasted expression

6. Incase You Missed Syeda Shehla Raza’s Reaction

In case you missed her reaction it was all like, “WTF He Still Alive Faroo”

parhlo ibhutto

Source: Dawn

Either way this was one of those amazing slip-ups that will go down in Political slip-up history. It is along the same lines as Qaim Ali Shah  mixing up the population of Pakistan with that of Karachi’s!

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