This Young Pakistani Has Made An Application That Allows Everyone To Become A Superhero

Ever since we’re children and we’re on our way towards growing up, it’s only a natural feeling seeing all the superheroes and wanting to become one too. From Superman, Batman, Spiderman to the Power Rangers or Captain Planet, everyone wanted to have different super powers to help humanity, save lives and just feel good about being heroes.

Fast forward many years, what if that dream could still come true? Well, one young Pakistani has decided to give us a platform just for that. There is an application called Hero Alert! which will be launched soon. It is built on the famous model of Careem and Uber, the private cab services that operate in Pakistan and around the world.


This is what Ahmed Anwar ul Haq said on his Facebook post regarding the application that has the potential to make us all superheroes. The two main superheroes on the application are Malika Azad and Mucchar Gujjar, who are already legends.

“Hero Alert!

When you think of Uber or Careem, you think of getting the nearest car to your location to reach you. What if the nearest blood donor is available to give blood to someone in the hospital? What if someone donates food to a family of 5 hungry for 3 days? What if someone donates clothes to children who have never had a properly clean and well-sewn wearing? What if someone donates books to a person who wants an education but can’t afford it.

Hero Alert is a platform that connects different people who can send out or answer these very distresses and gives the chance, to almost everyone, to become a real life superhero to someone. Not only would the society be better, but problems that have been occurring, in the same way, can easily be taken care of in the shortest amount of time.


Similar to Uber and Careem, instead of showing you the nearest car to pick you up, it shows the nearest blood Donor, the nearest Food donor, the nearest Book donor and the nearest Clothes/Toys, donor. Not only you can answer these distresses, but if you are in need of sending a distress, you can give others the same opportunity to let them become a superhero.

So, the question is, isn’t it time we all become heroes?”

What the application basically does is that it completes your dream of becoming a superhero. What does a superhero do? Help others, right? Through the application, needy people will be provided with a host of donors who would sign up for the app. This way, if somebody needed food, they’d find somebody on the app close to them, similarly, with clothes, toys, books, blood and any other item that could be provided to a person who is in dire need.

We often talk about helping others in small and little ways, this might just be the way we can contribute to help our society grow, lessen the peoples’ burdens and feel good about our deeds as well. Let us not consider this as just another application, it is a platform that can help save and change lives. So, are you ready to become superheroes?

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