This Short Film Is A Must Watch For Every Person Who Is Suffering From Anxiety Disorders

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This is a short film that I made to spread awareness about mental health (specifically anxiety). The film depicts how the world looks like from the perspective of a person who has an anxiety and panic disorder.

I myself have had generalized anxiety disorder for quite some time now and I have the first-hand experience of how alienating it can be when no one understands or is even aware of mental illnesses. I have held support groups in my university for anxiety and have met a lot of people who are suffering from it. All the thoughts and events described in this film are actual events faced by people who have the disorder (including myself).

My aim was to increase awareness about mental illnesses in general and to perhaps weaken the stigma that surrounds mental health in Pakistan. Moreover, I also wanted to spread awareness regarding the treatment (therapy) required to get better. If you believe in the cause, please don’t hesitate to share this video…

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