‘Ratings Have Ruined Media Freedom’ – Anwar Maqsood Shares His Views On Drama Industry

The veteran writer Anwar Maqsood Sahab has lately not been happy with the Pakistani entertainment industry. He has been very vocal about it for the past few years and pointed out some valid points regarding it.

Even though recently he also shared his views on the comedy scenes going on in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He said, “The more shamelessness, the higher the rating.

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And now he came on board with highlighting some points in the world of the drama industry. His remarks on the drama industry seem very much harsh.

Along with those comments, he also let the audience know why he doesn’t watch Pakistani dramas anymore?

Why did Anwar Maqsood Sahab Stop Watching Pakistani Drama?

In a recent interview, Anwar Maqsood discussed contemporary television content. Along with that he also opened about the Pakistani dramas that people are not interested in today’s dramas the way they used to.

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He said, “Urdu literature doesn’t have drama. We have a few, but strictly speaking, we can’t call them drama either. There are a few by Agha Hashar, there’s Anarkali by Taj Sahab, Khwaja Sahab’s dramas, but these dramas are such that if you’re watching them, on stage or television, you enjoy them, but they don’t have a place in the library.

We also don’t have much fiction in our literature. We had four to five people who’d write stories, who are all gone.”

Maqsood Sahab continued, “Now people aren’t coming in because these gadgets have taken away the love of reading and writing. People want everything from one single device. They don’t want to buy books.”

The writer added, “No one is writing comedy anymore. Not one person. This is the case all over the world. You’ll find many serious writers, but not many who deal with comedy.”

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Anwar Maqsood even shared about media freedom, which doesn’t belong to Pakistan. “A lot of prominent journalists were upset with me when I said during a press conference with Pervez Musharraf Sahab, ‘You’ve given media freedom, but you should have done this once the country had a higher level of education.

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70-80% of our population is uneducated. For them, media freedom is equivalent to destruction.’ There are so many stories on TV now that uneducated people watch and then want to emulate. They are just plays, treat them as such.”

Concluded the interview putting some shine on the current content and his disappointment over it. “There are so many plays that even I can’t watch. Ratings have ruined media freedom. The more shamelessness, pointless sentences, and disrespect, the higher the rating.”

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