Anwar Maqsood Takes Digs at Nawaz Shareef in this Hilarious Poetry!

When it comes to mockery, no one does it better than Anwar Maqsood through his poetry. Be it serious thought-provoking verses or something which can give you laugh, Anwar Sahab does it well.

The politics of Pakistan took a massive U-turn when the former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif was sacked from the prime ministership. What made the matters more hilarious were how Mian Sahab defended himself even when he was found guilty.

While questioning the Panama verdict, Nawaz Sharif said a lot of things which the media took hilariously. One of the lines Mian Sahab used was, “Mujhe Kyun nikala?” and social media, it did what it does the best.

But the social media fanatics are not the only ones who noticed Nawaz Sharif’s hilarious plea.

Famous Pakistani Poet and Writer Anwar Maqsood Took a Dig at Nawaz Sharif and the Internet Loved it!

While addressing a public gathering Anwar Masood used his poetic skills and boy, the crowd loved it. He used the famous, “Mujhe Kyun nikala?” line by mocking Mian Sahab. He begins with talking about the date, being 25th of December and told the audience that it is also Mian Sahab’s birthday. He then says, “Kaash usi din kehte k Mujhe Kyun nikala…tou Aaj mulk k halat behtar hote.”

The crowd cheers and roars for the hilarious poetry!

Here’s What Really Happened:

And Pakistanis Loved it!


He Even Spoke on Faizabad Sit-In and ISI

So well, even Anwar Sahab knows what the truth could be and safe to say, Anwar Sahab is one of us!

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