Journalist Ansar Abbasi Gets Schooled For Sexualizing Woman Working Out During Morning Show

ansar abbasi

Pakistani senior journalist Ansar Abbasi invokes the ire of social media in the wake of his disturbing tweet. Abbasi took it to his official Twitter account and shared a video of a woman exercising on national TV. Moreover, he strongly urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action against it.

Abbasi landed himself in an uncalled for controversy as he criticized a woman exercising alongside a man in a morning show on Pakistani state-owned broadcaster i.e. PTV. According to the journalist, the content gives the impression of being objectionable and against the moral values of Islam.

Pakistan’s social media users are having none of it! Right after his problematic tweet, the Twittersphere strongly reacted to it. How can anyone possibly have any problem with the telecast of an exercise routine in a morning show?

If you take a good look at the video, it is a long, long way from being inappropriate. Is it inappropriate for a woman to exercise in proper gym attire? Or is it the exercise itself that somehow seems inappropriate to him? OR, is it the fact that the woman is exercising alongside a man? We will never know! Nonetheless, one thing we know for sure is that this guy has some filth going on in his mind.

Frankly speaking, only someone with a perverted and sick mentality would find this workout video objectionable. Mind you, if you find a female in gym attire working out to be vulgar, something is definitely wrong with your mindset. You need help.

More so, Abbasi tagged the government officials over the apparent lack of moral standards in the media. He insinuated that such shows violate decency and the standards set for men and women as per Islamic rules.

Abbasi gets called out for over-sexualization of females working out on national television

Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry asks the journalist to seek psychological counseling to avoid further implications

Marvi Simed also lashes out at the columnist

Come to think of it, expressing disapproval of a woman exercising only shows how deeply embedded sickness is in our society. In addition to this, from what it appears, the objective here is simple, i.e. to ostracize and marginalize women.

Keeping the current situation of our country in mind, with the rising rape culture, this kind of mentality only further feeds to the sickness. Moreover, anyone with such thinking should probably consider cutting off from watching television or using the Internet.

Not surprising that all sane people share the same view and have taken to Twitter to school Abbasi for this obscene mindset. Whereas, there are still some people supporting the journalist.

Sadly, this shows how a huge segment of our society shares such a sick mentality. How can a video of a woman working out on television be vulgar, inappropriate, and sexual? Dear misogynists, LET WOMEN BREATHE!

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