WATCH: Here Comes Another Leaked Video Of Qavi In A Makeup Room!

qavi video makeup room

Social media sensation Hareem Shah has been adamant about exposing the hypocrites who disguise themselves as respectful people, and among such highly contradicting individuals, comes the former ‘Mufti’ Abdul Qavi with another leaked video in a makeup room.

The man who calls himself a cleric, a religious scholar, shamelessly indulges in vulgarities. Shah has leaked yet another video of Qavi in the makeup room to prove her claims.

qavi and hareem
Source: Twitter

You must have come across all his controversial video clips, and calls which he always finds a way to get away with. But this week, a number of undeniable evidence of his vulgarities emerged that left no ground for him or his advocates to defend him.

Recently, the former cleric got slapped by the TikTok star, and ever since its video leaked, things went down for Qavi. He was allegedly engaging in a ‘vulgar’ conversation with her which resulted in not slaps not only by hand but also shoes.

From shamelessly talking about drugs, alcohol, Zina (illicit sexual relations), to asking Shah to spend a night with him, everything came out in the open. And now comes yet another leaked video in which both are present in a makeup room. A female beautician can be seen doing Qavi’s makeup while Hareem records it.

Check it out!

It is pertinent to mention that Shah has previously leaked many video calls with him. She has been tirelessly trying to expose the real face of the so-called religious scholar who has little to no knowledge of his religion. Initially, gathered fame by getting his name dragged into the murder of Qandeel Baloch, the cleric did not stop giving out rogue statements since then.

abdul qavi
Source: Twitter

Countless evidence, yet somehow this man used to get away with his controversial statements. But not this time. The real face of the so-called religious scholar transpired as videos of him openly talking about vulgarities, and ‘haram’ activities emerged.

Qavi is no longer to be addressed as ‘Mufti’ since he has now been stripped of that title. In fact, his family also isolated him after seeing his real face. Well, it was high time.

Prior to this, the TikTok star leaked yet another controversial video of him. In the video, apparently filmed by a friend of Shah, while subtly exposing him, the friend asks Qavi about his favorite drink. Unsurprisingly, Qavi revealed that he likes to drink a ‘red one’.

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