Another Indian Celebrity Outrageously Rants After “Being Bothered” By the Azaan

A few months ago, singer and song writer from India, Sonu Nigam shared how he felt about hearing the morning prayers (Azaan). He found it very “forced” and unpleasant to hear it aloud in his neighborhood. His remarks lit the social media on fire after many people across the two borders supported him and criticized him. You can figure what kind of people took sides with him while felt colossally offended by his outrageous remarks.

It wasn’t long when another Indian celebrity, who may not be as popular charged with another rant concerning Azaan. She goes by the name Suchitra Krishnamoorthi – not a mainstream celebrity or a familiar face at all seems like. The highlight is that she took to social media and laid an outrageous rant about being bothered about Azaan. Check it out:

This has stirred a massive debate on Twitter. Some people actually support her stance and they also forward their opinion on it. People believe that religion should not be forced and it is about time Muslims get rid of loud speakers. People are also stating that Muslims in India deliberately do it as a form of hate against Hindus in India. They have been using religion as a tool to overthrow each other’s sentiments and pull dirt which causes a big controversy. Just shows you how much intolerance among people from other religions prevails. What do you guys think about it?

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