‘Tum Woh Frock Pehno Jo Main Kehta Houn’ – Another Audiotape Of Ayesha Akram & Rambo Leaks

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In the latest development of the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment incident, another alleged recording emerged of a telephonic conversation between Ayesha Akram and her partner Rambo.

In view of the call recording, the conversation appears to have taken place a day prior to the harassment incident at Minar-e-Pakistan. It is hard evidence of how both of them planned the scandal for the following day.

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“I want you to arrive here around 4,” Rambo says to Akram. “There is legal security for us. Just step into Minar-e-Pakistan tomorrow, and you will see how valuable and worthy you are, and how much people love you. Come to Minar-e-Pakistan tomorrow and see this for yourself.”

“This is why I wanted to wait for 14th August,” he adds. “Tomorrow when you are done working by 2, wear the frock I always ask you to wear.”

To this, Akram responds, “That frock is not for 14th August. I will wear my dress for 14th August tomorrow”.

“Okay then wear your dress for tomorrow, I will also wear something like that,” Rambo is quoted as saying. “Step in tomorrow at 4 and you will see what you are worth.”

Cutting him off, Akram chimes in, “I am well aware of how much of my worth you have damaged”.

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In the previous call recording that emerged on Monday, the two purportedly talked about extorting money from suspects whom the former identified during an identification parade.

Sources earlier revealed that Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigation Shariq Jamal stated that the audiotape is being examined. He disclosed that Rambo’s mobile phone has been seized. Additionally, Rambo confirmed the veracity of the phone call.

Post-incident call recording:

The latest development in the case comes after the police took eight additional suspects into custody last Friday, including Rambo.

The victim, Akram, in a supplementary statement, disclosed that 13 persons, including Amir Sohail alias Rambo, her partner, had been blackmailing her over a video. Rambo, whom Akram initially referred to as her savior, has now been alleged as a culprit.

As Akram and Rambo got exposed, television presenter Iqrar-ul-Hassan came forward and apologized for supporting them. Subsequent to the horrific assault of Akram by over 400 men on Independence Day in Lahore, Iqrar-ul-Hassan accompanied the host Yasir Shami to interview the victim. The former now urges the authorities to arrest Akram.

Victims are already afraid of public crucifixion as they live in a country that questions the character of those who make harassment claims first. Now, this publicity stunt will only further damage the credibility of genuine harassment cases.

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