‘Angry Rude Customer’ Thrashes Restaurant Employee For Getting Wrong Food Order

pakistani customer violent

Eating out and enjoying juicy burgers is one of the most common hobbies of every person on this planet. However, getting ‘hangry’ or irritated with wrong food orders is quite common. How many times have we been treated to either a different flavored burger or some extra toppings pizza? Regardless, it seems that everyone has a different way of addressing the situation and this Pakistani customer got a tad bit out of control when it came to his order.

Hardees is one of the most well-known eateries in Pakistan. Almost everyone is aware of this brand and its amazing juicy burgers. The customer service overall is also great at this burger food chain; and people are always lining up to try them out.

In addition, something weird that did happen was how a middle-aged man took matters in his own hand as he took arguing and fighting for a burger to the next level.

Pakistani man thrashes employee over a wrong food order

It happened so that a Pakistani man ordered some food from Hardees in Lahore and due to a minor miscommunication might have received the wrong food order. Although these types of errors are more than likely normal and tend to happen a lot of people, even Hardees was uncertain of who they were meddling with.

In a viral video, it can be seen how this man got so infuriated or as we like to call it ‘Hangry’ over the situation of getting a wrong order delivered. He took the frustration of his hunger out on the poor server.

pakistani customer violent

Source: Twitter

Even though, after being refunded the cash, the man went out of his way and started to thrash the employee for his negligence. It is true the customer is always right, but no book in the world promotes or suggests the customer raises hands on the employee.

Twitterati demands strict action against the man

Not only is the entire situation disgusting and morbid. It is also infuriating Twitterati, and they demand strict action to be taken against this man. Most of the people are even reprimanding the action and are suggesting the customer be treated with the same behavior.

This isn’t the first time we have seen someone acting brutally with the staff or the domestic workers. It seems it has become second nature in Pakistan.

However, many are also applauding the management of Hardees and their staff for not retaliating back despite the inhumane and repulsive behavior of the customer.

Given the situation, anyone would have lost their temper and started retaliating. But the employees did great as they kept their temperament under control.

All in all, we hope that justice prevails and this man gets what he deserves for his immoral actions. In the end, it does make us wonder if classicism within the society is depriving us of humanity completely? Or we simply that insensitive to the lives of others over riches that we have dismissed the notion of being humble at all?


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