Aneela Murtaza Files A Lawsuit Alleging That Sana Javed Is ‘Seeking Publicity’ At Her Expense

Aneela Murtaza

Following Omayr Waqar, stylist Aneela Murtaza has counter-filed a legal notice against actor Sana Javed, which alleges the actor is “seeking publicity” at her expense. 

The actor recently sent legal defamation notices to Manal Saleem, Omayr, and Aneela. Sharing the notice on her Instagram, Aneela wrote, “Responding to something completely unnecessary”. Omayr clapped for her in the comments section.

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Aneela’s legal team wrote a notice to Sana’s legal team. “The contents of paragraph 1 [from Sana’s defamation notice] are unknown to our client. Hence, your client is put to strict proof of the same,” it read.

“The contents of paragraph 2 are vehemently denied in entirety as concocted, unsubstantiated, and fallacious,” the notice added. “Your client is put to strict proof of the same.”

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The notice asserts that Aneela, at no point in time, had any kind of relationship with Manal, “not of any sort of friendship, nor as rivals, [as] you state to collude against you. To clarify further, our client has no nexus of whatsoever nature with Ms. Saleem.”

It assures that no innuendo or insinuation of any kind was ever made by Aneela, making Sana’s claim that “innuendos” have been targeted towards her, a “presumption of falseness”. It goes on vehemently deny all contents of paragraph 3 of Sana’s legal notice as well, calling them “false, vexatious and distorted.”

In addition, the notice further points out that Aneela never made any oral or written statements about Sana.

Take a look at it:

“Further, please note that as per Section 3 of the Defamation Ordinance, 2002, in order to constitute the legal wrong of defamation, you [Sana’s legal team] need to prove that the statements were made by our client [Aneela] about your client. However, you have no proof as our client never made any defamatory statements.”

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Aneela’s legal team goes to vehemently deny paragraphs 4 and 5 of Sana’s notice too, adding, “allegations stated in your notice are nothing but stories of presumption and mere attempts to gain publicity. Our client shall not be coerced into the same and is ready to defend any and all such frivolous claims”.

In response to her issuance of a defamation notice to him, makeup artist Omayr also issued a counter legal notice to Sana.

The past few days have seen numerous accounts pile up against Sana. While the likes of renowned figures like Nadeem Baig and Fahad Mustafa, found the Khaani star to be “completely professional” and “extremely humble,” the sole witness — makeup artist Syed Hussain — claimed otherwise.

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