Anchor Sana Bucha Just Got Owned on her Hate Tweet on Waqar Zaka and Amir Liaquat

Anchor Sana Bucha Just Got Owned on her Hate Tweet on Waqar Zaka and Amir Liaquat

Waqar Zaka and Amir Liaquat were all over the news this past week. As soon as the duo announced they will be visiting Burma to help the needy Muslims, Pakistanis were thrilled to see what will happen next. Zaka had previously gone to Syria and Burma before to provide aid to war-infected Muslims.

While the Muslims leaders of the world stay quiet over this devastating news, efforts of Waqar Zaka and Amir Liaquat stood out when they made the news of visiting the locations personally.

However, their trip didn’t go as they planned. Due to security and multiple other concerns, Zaka and Liaquat were sent back to Pakistan. This raised a number of concerns how they two managed to do all of this a course of two days – raising how this was all an act.

While many raised concerns, the duo manage not to comment on this. Out of the much hate, they have received, anchor Sana Bucha joined the cult and bashed Zaka and Liaquat.

Sana Bucha Mocked the Duo and Made an Insensitive Tweet

But Zaka’s Reply Made a Point she Needed to Hear

Oh Dear…

Regardless of what you may feel about Waqar Zaka, he always goes around making some efforts.

He did it for Syrians and he did it last and this time as well for Muslims in Burma. People have a habit of mocking and bashing others, but do ever make an effort on their own?

One needs to think and look onto themselves first before commenting on others. Perhaps this seems fitting for Bucha, who also holds the same power, or maybe even more as Zaka and Liaquat.

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