An Unexpected Meeting of this Guy With Sarfraz Ahmed Revealed His True Personality

Pakistan’s victory in the ICC Champion Trophy 2017 surely made the nation proud. The awesome win gave Pakistanis a reason to celebrate, and the celebrations haven’t ended yet! The Captain of the Pakistani team, Sarfraz Ahmed, has been the buzz lately, and the Pakistanis can’t get over him!

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Hassan Bukhari, 24, former wicket-keeper of Saudi Arabia National cricket team and currently the Captain of IBA cricket team, is looking forward to extending his career as a professional cricketer by moving to England after completing his Bachelors. For Hassan, Sarfraz Ahmed is his inspiration and he aspires to follow his footsteps.

Here’s what Hassan had to share:

“So I was getting my car repaired, a person came into the same workshop and knowing I’m a cricket buff the owner told me he lives across from Sarfraz Ahmed. I immediately sat up as he just began telling how difficult it is to sleep since all day every day someone comes to celebrate, there are bands and chantings and every time Sarfraz will come to the balcony and receive it and wave back and give it due respect”. 

Jawwad Bhai, the person narrating, told me he spoke to Sarfraz. 

“You should try and sleep, this will go on but you don’t need to come out all the time.” To which Sarfraz responded, “Jawwad Bhai, main apni auqaat nahin bhoolna chahta. Issi muhallay say bana hoon, yahin rehta hoon, logon ki muhabbat hai joh itni bhi kamyaabi mili hai”

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Controlling my tears I asked him how do the people in the neighborhood see him as.

“Baita, kisi say bhi poochlo, har bacha bacha gawahi daiga, masjid jaata hai, namaz ka paband hai, humble hai, aaj bhi aata jaata hai, humsay pads laikar jaata tha, ball k paisay hum daitay thay k iska dil hai issay khilao. Collection kar k team banata tha our chotay bachon ko khilata tha. Kai chota bacha ground main milayga aur aap uss say poochogay k kisnay bulaya hai? Toh agay say zaroor jawaab aata tha k “Sarfraz bhai ki team main hoon.”

“Iska shoq aur mehnat issay aagay laikar gayi hai par kabhi bhi issnay apni roots nahin bhooli hain. Kal raat ki hi baat hai, humaray muhallay ka aik mazoor bacha uskay ghar fajr par agaya.”

To which I interjected, “jee kal video aayi hai isski”. ” Acha? Haan agayi hogi, aaj kal toh phone par sab hojata hai. Sarfraz bata raha tha k woh aaya aur ussnay apni shirt daydi. Keh raha tha yeh sab kuch inhi ka hi toh hai.”

“Bacha subah mila tha, bohutt khush tha. Hadd say zyada! Sabko bata raha tha mujhay shirt di hai Saifi bhai nay. Bacha bohut acha hai, Sarfraz kisi ko khali haath nahin janay dayraha.”


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I asked him what was his views on the victory and did he tell you something about the rise in form at the right time. His response started with the famous Shadab review.

“Mainay kaha to bachay ki baaton main agaya?” Toh kehta hai “Nahin Jawwad bhai jab yeh kehta hai toh lay laita hoon review. Itni qasmain bhi toh khaa raha tha” To which I, Jawwad bhai and the owner enjoyed a lasting smirking smile.”

“He proceeded to say that Ahmed Shahzad once told him when he went to see a Quetta Gladiators match, that the whole team is in sync and performing due to Saifi. He is the bonding force for everyone and he is sure that it was this characteristic that held the team together after the group game defeat.”

Safraz Ahmed

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“The brake oil was almost fueled up in his car and I could sense our conversation coming to a halt as a result. I asked him to tell Sarfraz on my behalf that I am indebted to him. That he has breathed life into all of us. That as a wicketkeeper, his captaincy impresses me the most.”

“Jawwad Bhai could sense my excitement because I couldn’t seem to stop…” and so he asked, “Aray baita, keeper ho? Abhi Tariq Road jaa warna meray saath chaltay, Sarfraz say milwaata, woh apnay gloves bhi day daita… aik kaam karo, mera number likhlo, jab aana hai ajaana.”

“My fingers trembled as I keyed in the digits. I’m not even sure I will get to meet him, or get Sarfraz’s gloves. My physical being cannot stop trembling as I type this on my phone while sitting in the same workshop. Seldom do you get to hear these things from real people with no camera on them or prompts to what they should say? I just had one of the most timely beautiful conversation of my life. I really think I just met Sarfraz Ahmed today.”

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What a humble personality, Sarfraz. You’re one gem of a person! Wish you all the best in the future!

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