An Open Letter To My Unborn Son

Dear Son,

If someone tells you not to be an art major because you won’t make money or not to be a Chartered Accountant because you’ll be a money-making robot, don’t fight or argue with them. Instead, tell them politely how they are yet deprived of the rush you feel when your dreams are bigger than the entire universe and the day they understand the longing you feel while looking at the sky, hoping to one day embrace its fullness, is the day they’ll understand how your dream is not to be crushed but to live.


If someone opens a holy book that doesn’t belong to your religion, don’t turn away from them. Learn from them. If you don’t understand the simple fact that no religion breeds evil, there is no purpose to your life which is at the moment encapsulated in my own.

If you want to cry on some days because you feel the need to, you may cry. But I would suggest you cry alone and that’s not because it’s not manly to cry in front of people but because there won’t be many people for whom your tears actually turn into the storms which shatter their hearts and so, my son, cry alone and those who can see through those dry beautiful eyes and the sadness in their depths will be the ones who will hold you while you cry the next time.


Don’t just respect women. Respect the universe and its trees. Its birds. The man who sells fruits in the sun and the woman who sweeps our floors every day and the child who studies under the light of the stars. The sky which seems to be bluer today and the earth which seems to be struggling to survive. Respect everything God made and when one day you question if God exists, don’t look at these things but look at yourself and wonder why how you were brought into this world because surely you didn’t do it yourself.

If someone breaks your heart, son, don’t lose faith in love because love is nothing but our mind’s creation. It is what lulls the mind into tranquility and you will know this when all the tranquilizers fail to numb the pain because pain is meant to be felt.

Most importantly, never be embarrassed to say this is what my mama told me’ . I’m about to bring you into a world where mothers kill their children in the name of honor, where children, before learning what home is, find themselves in the midst of a raging sea and that storm never truly ends. Where men’s stature is calculated by the amount of papers in their wallet and old parents force their already weak eyes to catch a glimpse of the child you couldn’t afford their lives.

I’m not saying there is no good. There is more good than evil because of which the world still exists. But you don’t need to be saved from the good, right son? So don’t be afraid of sayingmy mama told me this because I have a huge responsibility to you; let me fulfill it till my final breath and try and be the best mom and may you be the best son.


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