This Indian Journalist Wrote A Hateful Letter To Fawad Khan And Wants Him To Leave India!

To ‘teach Pakistan another lesson’ after Uri Attacks and to portray the recent uprising in Jammu Kashmir as Pakistan-inspired terrorism, Modi Sarkar and his disciples are busy making the situation chaotic as much as they can. An open letter from Indian Journalist and blogger Soumyadipta Banerjee to the Prince Charming of countless  Pakistani and Indian girls, Fawad Khan, seems like a lame attempt to harm the reputation of the talented Ae Dil Hai Mushkils supporting actor.

Formally, he has often praised Fawad Khan for his acting prowess. However, what he said now depicts clear hatred.

“Fawad, I don’t think you can deny how much love we have showered on you over the past few years. We have given you more money in two years than what you could have possibly earned in Pakistan in 10 years. We have given you recognition that you would have never been able to earn sitting in Karachi. We made you act in great movies, we helped you endorse brands. And hey, we also made you a bigger star in Pakistan.”



And then comes the curtain-raiser moment.

“We have watched in pain how you have chosen to look away when your country is inflicting pain on us. We are letting you laugh all the way to your bank account in Karachi while our soldiers are bleeding in Uri, Kashmir. You have chosen to keep quiet about us, our suffering and our death in the hands of your Mujahideen Army. While we have given you only love, you have given us silence and that cute, dimpled smile of yours.”

And if you thought he forgot about other stars, you are mistaken. He continues:

“I want to talk to every Pakistani import to Bollywood. This letter could have well been addressed to Adnan Sami, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mahira Khan… the list is endless and keeps increasing every year.”

His own followers are enough to answer him on his “prestigious” thoughts about Khoobsurat star

It is simple for us Pakistanis: Banerjee could ask the renowned Indian director Karan Johar as well to stop signing Fawad Khan or could also address Deepika who loved to be with him in the award ceremony.



People like Banerjee should re-evaluate their ideals and realize that people like him who can never amount to something substantial, often criticize. But I, and my Pakistani fellows are ready for many of these silly acts these Indians are planning to do.



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