An Open Letter To Imran Khan, Your Comments On Foriegn Players Are Unjustifiable

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This is coming from a person who has always supported Imran Khan, a person who gained interest in politics because of Imran Khan, a person who felt inspired by Imran Khan’s social work and achievements as a cricketer. Over the last month, Pakistan Super League has been the center of attention and if we only concentrate on last week the main attention has been the final of Pakistan Super League in Lahore.

Yes, I agree that every sane person would have had doubts over the final being held in Lahore because of the security situation of Pakistan just prior to the final, I myself had many doubts over it, but I felt that people in Punjab Government know better than me, they know what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are and as soon as they announced the decision of the final being held in Lahore I dropped my doubts over it just like rest of the nation because it was not the time to discuss that, it was time to celebrate the moment, celebrate that we had not let terrorists effect us, celebrate that almost whole of Pakistan wants to go to Gaddafi Stadium to witness this moment.

Source: Daily Pakistan

But it hurt me when your comments about it came out using word like “Pagalpana” was disappointing especially when you said that right after the decision was given, when there were positive vibes all around the news channels and social media, this kind of comment made me think where is that Imran Khan that used to call out the Americans that we will not bow down to you, where is that Imran Khan who used to take bold steps, and lastly as Sikander Bakht said at that moment on TV where is the Imran Khan that was ready to give his life for the well-being of Pakistan?

Source: Daily Pakistan

But after even this, I somehow convinced myself that maybe it’s only because of the bad timing or bad choice of words to be used at that moment. But your recent comments about the foreign players that came to Pakistan surprised me, it surprised and disappointed me as a PTI supporter, as a Cricket fan and most importantly as a Pakistani that a sportsman would use words like “Phatichar” and “Paison ke liye tu koi bhi aa jata” for fellow sportsmen, while some foreign players refused to come to Lahore because they thought the game of cricket was not worth the risk, some of them came to Pakistan and said “This is more than just a game”.

It made me wonder where is that Imran Khan I always knew for his sportsman spirit? A simple praise for the Pakistan Super League team would have made even the rival political party supporters feel good about you but the negative comments kept on coming, these foreign players risked their lives to play in Lahore, and Mr. Imran Khan, for most people, money is not worth more than their lives.

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Your comments might not have been for the 2 time ICC World T20 winner Darren Sammy but what was the need to say this kind of stuff to anyone, Pakistanis around the world are known for their hospitality but what would the players feel when they go back home and people of their country tell them that the Leader of Pakistan’s 2nd biggest party and most importantly the World Cup winner Imran Khan used word like “Phatichar” for them?

Mr. Imran Khan, you have been an inspiration for millions but comments like this for anyone, especially for the people who risked their lives for Pakistan even though they had no connection with us is disappointing and unjustifiable as a PTI supporter, as a cricket fan or as a Pakistani.

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