An Open Letter to Every Human Heart That Desires Happiness

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Do you ever lie awake in bed for countless hours? Your eyes piercing the ceiling, thinking what happiness is? No matter how hard you try or whatever you do, happiness doesn’t seem to reach your doorstep. You might have money, fame, power or beauty but you wonder why you still can’t taste happiness. Oh, dear brain, like the masses you forget.You forget that these things don’t guarantee happiness.The key to happiness isn’t wealth,fame, power or a pretty face.

The main key to happiness is self-love. It is self-acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin with what you have.It is being able to say to the world “ I am amazing and I am beautiful.I am me”. It is accepting all your flaws instead of hiding them. It is knowing that your imperfections make you perfect.

You are a unique blend and there is no copy of you so why would you want to be a copy of someone else?

 Constantly comparing yourself to others results in you losing your individuality. You might not be the prettiest girl or the most handsome guy around. At the end of the day what counts is the internal beauty. External beauty fades but internal beauty shines brighter as time passes. It is a fact that aesthetically pleasing people are approached more than ones who look aesthetically undesirable but if your personality is as dull as a rock does outer beauty really matter? A beautiful person can attract people but he or she can’t make them stay.

The quality of a book isn’t based on its cover but rather on its contents.



You might not be the most popular guy around with a lot of friends. Being popular nowadays is pretty overrated. A popular person has to take care of his looks and his behavior every second of the day. The fact that he’s the most popular person, he’s constantly judged by every envious or admiring eye. Do you really want to be judged on everything you do? It’s much better to have time for a group of close friends than a little time for tons of acquaintances. A group of close friends you can always hangout with and count on. A group of close friends with whom each moment of your life is a happy memory. Friends who will break your fall rather than acquaintances who would see you fall.

Cherish your friends. They will be there for you when the world won’t!

Source: TV Guide

Source: TV Guide

You might be sad about the fact that your friends are in love and you are still single. Opening up Instagram,twitter or Facebook you come across pictures of people with their significant ones with caption “#Goals”.You wonder about the one that you want or the one that got away. Relationships are a pretty hectic process. Rushing into a relationship can be a disaster. Why not take your time and let things work out. In the meantime, focus on yourself. Focus on what you want to achieve, what you want. Travel the world, scream on top of a building or go to the movies. Trust me there are a lot of things to be done.

A relationship isn’t the starting of a whole new world and the ending of one isn’t the end of the world either. You may think life is over after you fail an exam or test. Guess what? The earth still rotates, the sun still shines, the birds still chirp and you still live.Inside of us, there’s a spirit of a warrior. A warrior who fights to survive. We fall, we pick ourselves up , we fight, we win and we do this all over again.

A person is considered as a failure only when he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

When the times are dark
And the moon refuses to light the night
Do not lose hope, make a spark
Shine bright and illuminate the sky

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