Guy Writes A Heartfelt Letter To His Friend Who Lost The Fight Against Cancer

A disease which takes everyone away, regardless of their age, regardless of how much you fight for it – cancer.

Recovering from cancer is taken as a miracle. Once someone is diagnosed, things change for them. Their mental wellbeing, their physical appearance and most of all, their life. How a moment could be their last one. How everything can change in just one breath.

Three Years Ago, Amraha Ehtizaz, a Student of Wah Medical College was Diagnosed with Cancer and a Few Days Ago, She Rested in Peace

Written by Hassam Alizai, here’s a heartfelt tribute to the late Amraha:

Dear Amraha,
I wonder how angels would’ve lovingly carried your fragile soul towards the heavens on the fateful day you left us for good. You know I came to see you in ICU a day before your body refused to function. You had changed so rapidly. The harrowing effects of this malignant illness became visible to me for the first time since I’ve known you. A flower withered, a hearth went cold, a Paradise Lost. 

It still remains a mystery of to me as how did you cover up your ailments so realistically under the banner of smiles, laughter, and more smiles. In the times when our thankless selves burdened ourselves with stresses of daily lives, complained of struggles that couldn’t be handled and objected just for the sake of keeping up conversations, your optimism and jubiliation induced in us a false predicament that no malady had ever brushed past you. Maybe this world didn’t deserve you. Maybe you were meant for greatness far beyond the confines of this Earth.

In that stage of life when people discover themselves, hop on adventures, have their first crush and get more and more obsessive about their looks and dressing, yours was an endless plethora of CT Scans, Tumor markers, MRI, Hospital admissions, transference from one hospital to another, chemotherapies and while girls get phobic from the sight of a syrine, they pricked you so much that not a single major vein was left unaltered. 
That followed by surmountable events of bad news. 
“Sorry ma’am the treatment has failed” 
“There is no chance of recovery” 
“Take her home and take care of her. She has just a few days to live” 
Still, despite of this, your spirit never gave way to despair. 

You, Amraha, like your name was a far cry for ordinary. You had a charm only few possessed and an aura that none could avoid getting tranced by. You were a force of nature, a brave fighter and a harbinger of positivity. You lifted the morale of everyone when your own fate was pushing yourself to dwell in the valley of despair. 

Now, you’re gone forever. Your sketches and art lies scattered. Your newspaper butterflies still hang around the pink walls of your rooms. Your tennis trophies are there on that shelf above. But in the warm embraces, yellow sunlight and everlasting friendships, we feel your presence. We feel your presence in all the lights we cannot see. We feel your presence in every young girl struggling with surmountable dilemmas of life. 

Your existence taught us the meaning of life and it’s vulnerability. You taught us to live life the way it was meant to be lived. You were the best thing that had ever happened to us. 

Amraha Ehtizaz was 21 years of joy, love and unadulterated goodness. So when you remember her, remember her for her intelligence and bravery. Remember her for the joy she radiated. Remember her as the girl who lived through her illness. Remember her the way she would love to be remembered. Remember her with love. Remember her with prayers.

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