An Open Letter By A 13-Year-Old Boy About Girls Rape Will Astonish You

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I live in a country where men are considered as dominant species and women and trans are treated like dogs. Where if a girl gets raped it’s probably her fault. Where if someone tries to stand up for women’s rights they are called “feminazis”.

I am only 13 and I figured that out. And this is our fault, all of us are to blame for what is happening and has happened in our society. Yet no one will take responsibility. I have seen harassment take place in front of me, and many people see it in their daily lives. I have been friends with people who would say things like raping others. Even the thought of that disgusts me.


Source: Times of India


I live in a country where I hear or read on a daily basis that someone was being raped. This topic is a taboo. I cannot write this in my final exam or talk about it with my parents. But why are we hiding it? Why is the media hiding the fact that we fail to stop these acts on daily basis? Why should a girl change the way she is and not the society itself. And it’s not just the girls or the women I have been sometimes been told to leave a departmental store because I was wearing shorts.

Surely, many of you will say that you are young and don’t know much and maybe they are right. I am just a 13-year-old, I should be thinking about the football match I have this Friday. And that is right I am only 13, but most of you reading this are not. Why aren’t minorities getting their rights and females aren’t even a minority, I don’t know if I am a feminist, I am only a 13 years old boy but I will fight for equality? I don’t care if other countries “are also like this”.

Pakistan comes first, I come first, you come first we should be united in protecting the lives of everyone. This should also not mean that we keep them at home. I would love to see strong women from Pakistan representing us.

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