An Open Letter From Your Karma To Everyone

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You don’t realize the damage you are doing to someone unless it happens to you. That’s why I am here, your Karma. Sometimes I work in reverse and show you the worst before you become worst for someone’s life, putting your nose into his/her (this includes your loved ones too) very personal life, controlling their actions with your advice because you are oh-so-respectable (in your mind only) and so, of course, you think you have all the rights to be oh-so-outspoken, disguised as a well-wishing biological relation.

Your loved ones won’t say you anything in return might be in courtesy, but you don’t have the right to destroy their personal life just by the commentary you are doing because of how you think their life should be, you don’t know the fights that your commentary is triggering, the depression it is giving to your very own loved one, THIS IS HOW YOU ARE DAMAGING AND DESTROYING YOUR OWN PEOPLE, THEIR HAPPINESS AND YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM IN LONG TERM.

Source: Nishmantra

You are so much busy in dictating or cursing them about how you want them to do things that you never get to know in fact you will never know what makes them happy, you want them to be happy and enjoy their life in your terms, how cruel of you. Sooner or later, everyone gets the realization of how they have been exploited by such a person like you even if it’s a blood relationship, how your so mean and selfish talk has messed and affected their personal life while they remained so good to you and then one day you will lose them too just like how you keep losing your every relation one by one.

You will never get the realization of what went wrong because you think the whole wide world is wrong and only you are the most intelligent yet wretched. You might be but that doesn’t give you the license to teach others how their private/professional life should be. Be it a marriage, a job, lifestyle, a degree to pursue or any other preference in life.

I was there to warn you but instead, to ameliorate, you rather choose to be a bigger shit. Choose your pick wisely baby. I can bite you harder, bite your most loved thing in your life. Maybe I am not yet done, do you think I’ll leave you free while you keep messing with others’ private life although you already have messed up yours. Be good you stupid, so you might have good in your life as well. Look inside… remember me and take your pick.

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