An Open Letter Against Rape by Sanchita Dwivedi

Here is an open letter by Sanchita Dwivedi, an author for Parhlo against the miserable situation regarding rape!

We all are talking about rape and how we should tackle it. But are we actually interested in learning how to respect girls? Or it’s just about posting a sentimental comment showing sympathy regarding girls and their rights?

Apparently one person started judging my friend’s outfit and because I was standing right next to her he asked me a very stupid question that why girls in India wear clothes like shorts or deep neck tops or backless gowns, don’t you think wearing such clothes and showing off your skin is the main reason why rapes in your country are taking place?

So Sir, let me tell you, wearing short clothes doesn’t mark character of any woman, it’s her wish what she wants to wear if she is comfortable with her clothing style what is your problem? Why are you so concerned? If you say such clothes instigate men to rape us then how about you guys sit at home prepare meal for kids help them out in their studies and let women only go out to earn money? You are saying that girls allure and cult men to rape them by wearing such clothes then I’m sorry about your thinking and your up bringing!

I wish your mother was strong and educated enough to teach you how to respect girls. Raising questions and judging a person’s character by her way of dressing Is egregious! After his harsh comments which were targeting women and their clothing I was actually shattered I thought that, on this planet a girl’s character will be judged by men? Are they going to define a woman’s identity? But then thankfully one of my male friend gave me strength and comforted me by saying that its a girl’s body. A girl can do whatever she wants to. nobody has the right to judge her.

She wasn’t born with the consent of that person. If revealing skin was soo damn bad, then humans would have been born with clothes. what was their god doing then? So to all the girls out there who come across such pathetic and disgusting comments that it’s our fault we instigate men to rape without explaining just give him a tight slap on his face because that’s what he deserves. Also with this post I want to say that all men are not same you just read two men’s statement regarding girls so not all men hold such shameful thoughts there are gentlemen who respect and not judge girls character.

So Take no Shit girls. Give respect get respect and if a person is acting like a total fucked up bastard you don’t have to act like an angel show your bad side. It’s your style you wear with confidence, be it shorts be it hijab be it deep tops or anything. Be graceful look funky lead a boss life.

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