Please Students! Stop Being Scared From “The Result Day”

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With each passing day, your anxiety is increasing. Every day, someone jogs your memory. Either your parents ask you about it, or you see it on a friend’s Snapchat story. Oh yes, the countdown has started. Probably most of you would have guessed up till now. “THE RESULT DAY”. And I’m here to remind you again, but you need to calm down.

Your heart will beat a little faster. You will have random thoughts about failing a particular subject. You’ll recall the discussion in which your answer was completely different from your friends. You’ll remember your cousin scored A* and if you get a grade less you’ll be a disgrace to your family and oh certainly there will be a comparison if you have an elder sibling.

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We all have been gone through this kind of situations. Depressed and doubtful. But do these situations stop us from being who we are? NO!! Life is a continual series of ups and downs. It’s a strange blend of bliss and discontent. You might not get the result you wanted this time, so what! There is always a second chance to turn your life around.

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An exam won’t determine your success or intelligence. You might not be good at academics, but definitely, succeed in something else. Everyone needs to find their inner talent. Everyone has one. You need to explore yourself first so that you can do all right for yourself.

I know it sucks right now. You might have read so many articles related to this but you can’t stop thinking as you have to face the ramifications after the result. But trust me, after 5 years, when you’ll find your way you’ll laugh at these results, the stress and all the other people who laughed at you. Do not give in to depression. All I ask of you is to hang on and see how things get better.

Whatever is infuriating you, trust me, it’s only your present and not your entire life. Life comes up with surprises. Take it easy. Have faith in yourself. Work hard. Make your way. Hold the vision and trust the process.

tū shāhīñ hai parvāz hai kaam terā

tire sāmne āsmāñ aur bhī haiñ

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