Qandeel’s Husband Reveals Something About Her You Could Never Have Guessed!

Known for her ridiculous twerks in her musical video Ban, claiming to be a singer by giving audition in Pakistani Idol, proposing to Imran Khan over social media videos and stripping for Shahid Khan Afridi, Qandeel Baloch is getting fame for all the wrong things she is proud of.

Today, however, a new and totally unexpected turn of events happened for this internet “sensation” – Ashiq Hussain, former husband of Qandeel Baloch, came on national television and claimed he was married to her.

Married at the age of 17, Qandeel claims that she was forcefully married to Ashiq Hussain with whom she has a child as well. On the other hand, Ashiq Hussain stated that it was a love marriage and, “I still have the love letters she wrote to me with her blood.”

While she claims that her husband used to beat her up, Ashiq Hussain says that Qandeel wanted bungalow and car from him, which he couldn’t give to her. Qandeel further states that the reason why she got divorce from her former husband is because she wanted to continue her education and work, which she couldn’t do, as she was forcefully married to someone she didn’t like.

Currently involved in a legal case, her nikkah-namma also reveals her real name, which is Fauzia Azeem. This will play a prominent role in the court case where advocate Shahbaz Ali Khan Gurmani filed a petition against Qandeel Baloch, saying she has brought “shame” to the Balochi race by falsely adopting the surname.

On the other hand, Fayyaz Khan Leghari, the vice chairman of Gadai Union Council also sent a legal notice to Qandeel Baloch, saying she must apologize for the shame she has brought the Balochi race and pay him Rs. 50 million. Originally, Qandeel belongs to a Marha Shaikh family.

Every person has a past and we may be just too quick to judge a person by their history. While there is a huge difference of opinion towards Qandeel Baloch, she is surely stuck in a lot of drama today.

But we are sure she will come out of it.


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