An ACCA Student’s Friend Called Him Boring, What He Did Next Is Very Interesting…

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So, I finally decided to study for my exams when someone knocked on the door, the noise is similar to that of bending molds. I knew from that ridiculous way of knocking that it must be him. First I decided not to open the door but then I felt bad for the door. Why in the world should that miserable piece of wood be allowed to get knocked on like that? It surely was against “Wood Rights.”

Anyway, I opened the door only to find a person looking no better than a lab coat in a hanger. Yeah! Believe me, that’s friend, he has been too serious about weight issues lately, I guess. As far as the lab coat is concerned, my friend is studying medical science so it is a heinous crime for him to get spotted without one.

Anyway, let’s move forward. Everything was normal. We greeted each other, shared some stories, and played a game or two. But something happened afterwards. He uttered a sentence that went deep inside my mind and shattered my soul. I cried out loud “What Did You Say!” He repeated those harsh words again to mock me. Overwhelmed with anger I grabbed him and tied him up on the chair. He screamed “Hey what’s the big deal? I only said you ACCA students have boring lives.” Alas! Only if he had never said that.

My soul was thirsty for revenge. After some thought, I finally decided how to take my revenge and came up with an idea that I am going to write an article about ACCA students’ daily lives and no matter how badly written it is, I’ll force him to read it. Here it goes:

1. Fast-Paced Lives

Source: Goodreads

Now here is what I find most interesting about the lives of ACCA students’. Our lives are pretty fast-paced. We have exams every 3 months so our routine is based around that mostly.

2. Tax is Fun

Source: BuzzFeed

Ever tried to claim 20% food from your non-ACCA friend? Well, we are the tax experts, it’s our right after all. For tax fun, we try calculating tax on our orders in restaurants while waiting for the cheque. Tax is fun for sure…except where an exam is involved.

3. Concerned about pound rates:

Source: Run The

Pound rates are important. You can save a few bills for a night out if the rates went in your favor.

4. No boring assignments

Source: PopKey

Yes, you read that right. We rarely get assignments. Even if we do they are interesting, unlike the usual copy-paste assignments.

5. Listening to cringe-worthy comments

Source: PopKey

“So, you are an ACCA? Please solve this math problem”. Seriously do you guys even know what accounting is? The response to that usually is “Oh accounting! Now that’s such a boring subject.” Sigh! Only if you knew how interesting it actually is.

If those reading this are ACCA students then I am sure you guys can relate to this article. Our lives are surely interesting and who can deny the promising careers ahead of us. I think that’s enough writing for now. It’s time for payback.

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