This Confusing Audio Clip Has Started a Twitter War And People Are Literally Pissed!

Remember the times when the internet was torn apart? Like the U.S and Russia? Okay, sorry! Yeah but something similar has yet again divided the internet. This one (in)famous blue/golden dress debate?? Damn! The time when people said, “yeah, okay it’s clearly blue.” While on the other hand, a vast majority would say, “What even? The dress is CLEARLY golden and white”


Well, we have something of that sort again. Trust us, but this here will you want to bang your head on the wall after hearing this. So, what we hear is Laurel! While some of us heard ‘Yanny’! Ajeeb. No, it’s Laurel.

Hear it yourself!

Yeah, we know you heard Laurel. NO? Liar!! This debate is something that will keep you busy through your first roza and you will want to kill people with anxiety whoever differs from your hearing.

So, some are even calculating pitches!

But this girl did some metaphysics to know the real game behind it!


We are with him!!!

Some took it to another level! But guess what the Poll says the sammeeee! Win win win!

Phew! It’s too hard to prove your point when half of the internet is against you! lol. But according to the audio scientists,  if your hear the audio in high-pitch you’ll hear the word ‘yanny’ and if you hear the audio in low-pitch you’d hear laurel!

Damn it! What do you think?

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