Super Model Amna Babar Was Bullied Online But Owned The Situation

Super Model Amna Babar Was Bullied Online But Owned The Situation With A Badass Reply!

Social media is a massive platform that can prove adamant in voicing out an opinion. It continues to prove the big advantages that have easily transformed our lives. We continue to influence our lives with the wonders of social media.

Isn’t it amazing that one can connect with people so simply on the social media? Gone are the days when we had to flip tabloids, magazines, and newspaper to keep up with the latest news and updates from all around the world. Connecting with the celebrities and important personalities has also revolutionalized, thanks to social media. Now we can so easily interact with the celebrities we love.

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But it does come off with a drawback. One of the major flaws in fast and convenient interaction on social media is online harassment. Harassment and bullying have come a long way down to be completely transformed in our age. The fast and smooth facilitation of connecting with people has lent credence to online harassment. It has sky-rocketed in recent times; ask a group of 10 people if they have been bullied online, their responses would tell.

Super Model Amna Babar was attacked by an online bully over her reputation and her response is brilliant!

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The supermodel who is a remarkable sensation, having won the coveted Lux Style award just passed the following comments that entail a huge lesson for our society.


This incident follows a big lesson for us! It is about time that we bust these online bullies out. They need to be bashed for their conduct and more and more people should resort to teaching them a lesson with such remarks. Amna Babar sets a good example for people who suffer from online harassment to never hold back but go full throttle to come at daggers drawn with these bullies.

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After all, how long can someone go without raising their voice against such oppression? Nobody hands these online bullies a right to harass anyone out with their gibberish remarks. Should people realize it once and for all that online bullies need to be taught a lesson, there may be a significant drop in the number of incidents that continue to surface every now and then. Celebrities indeed play a significant role in setting examples for our society to follow. They use their image and reputation in teaching people some important lessons. Amna Babar taught one lesson that unfortunately came at the expense of her getting bullied.

More power to this beautiful woman!

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