Meet Ammar Khan – An Aspiring TV Reporter Who Is Now Running A ‘Biryani’ Stall In Lahore

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This year has been bad for so many people already. The world is hit by a deadly coronavirus, millions are suffering due to this virus while others are affecting by its outcome. We have come across a young aspiring journalist who lost his job and was forced to sell biryani on a Lahore street.

Ammar worked in many leading media houses of Pakistan as a reporter. He made news reports about crimes, protests, and other important happenings in Pakistan.

But, after working tirelessly for six years in the same industry he was laid off after the coronavirus crisis hit the country. He was left unemployed for 2 months before he started his own small business. He is now selling biryani on a famous food street in Lahore. Apparently, his business is giving him more profit than his last job.

While talking to Daily Pakistan, Ammar said, “I was working on Rs18000 salary for the last many years. Suddenly, I was asked to take unpaid leaves until this coronavirus situation gets better. However, I was left unemployed and no one from the media industry helped me in this difficult situation.”

“I and my friends came up with this idea of selling pulao and biryani on Lahore street. It’s working quite well for me. I also urge people to work on their expertise and start their own small businesses”, he added.

Nokri gai to niji TV ka reporter briyani bechny per majboor hogya,tamam nojwano ko mashwara b de dia

Nokri gai to niji TV ka reporter briyani bechny per majboor hogya,tamam nojwano ko mashwara b de dia

Gepostet von Daily Pakistan am Freitag, 31. Juli 2020

However, Ammar also said that if given a chance he would pursue his passion for journalism again.

We love the way Ammar has stood for himself rather than going into depression and become a victim of this already strained economy.

A Gallup survey report estimated that up to 17.3 million people in the country could lose their jobs due to the virus. According to the survey, there are 61.7 million employed people in Pakistan and the number of people at risk of unemployment is 28 percent of the total number. Hence, 17.3 million people may lose their jobs in Pakistan.

However, now the coronavirus situation seems to get better in the country. We hope and pray that we get through this hard time too.


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