A Cute & Warm Love Story Of Ammar & Zainab Who Defeated Cancer Together

ammar and zainab

Ammar and Zainab went to Punjab University together in 2011 to study software engineering. Both fell in love with each other, and the marriage date was fixed between both the families. They decided to get married on August 10, 2018. Exactly ten days prior to the nikkah day, Zainab felt some pain. Subsequently, she went for a checkup, and it turned out that she has blood cancer.

When Ammar found out about her health issue, not even once it occurred to him to leave her. In fact, instead he made a pledge that he will only marry Zainab, and decided to get her treated.

On August 10, Ammar tied knots with the love of his life, Zainab, and got her treatment from Shaukat Khanam Hospital. However, the disease had reached a very dangerous stage. Then she had to go to China for further treatment. They were told that the treatment would cost 7 crores. They stayed in China for two months where Zainab got her treatment.

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Moving on, Ammar’s brothers sold off their business abroad and brought the money to Pakistan. Moreover, his mother sold all the gold she had, and so did Zainab’s parents. Her parents all collected funding from Pakistanis and somehow gathered 7 crore rupees.

Without giving up, Ammar sought help from a lot of people in order to save Zainab’s life, and get her treated. More so, he succeeded in doing so. As of now, his wife has successfully won her battle with cancer and is out of it. Now she only has to take some medicines for about two years.

Hence proven, love triumphs all odds

One of the best parts of their love story is that just because of a disease, Ammar never left Zainab. He never gave up on the love of his life and fought for her life with her.

In fact, he stood by her side throughout her battle with cancer. Another best thing is that he fulfilled his promise of marrying her, regardless of all the possible obstacles life threw at them.

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Truly, it goes without saying that men like Ammar are hands down, one in a million. There are men who divorce their wives for the mere fact that they cannot give birth, or due to some illness. Such things are not under one’s control. You cannot do anything about it. But yes, you can stand by your partner’s side, be fully supportive, and fight together with all the life hardships.

Indeed, Zainab is a lucky wife. Salute to Ammar, as well as his family for all the sacrifices they made in order to help Zainab. Marriage is all about becoming a team- no matter what happens, you will always figure out a way to get through it.

Just when you are about to lose all hope thinking love is a fallacy, a story like this comes by once again making a believer out of a skeptic. Mukhtar Ahmed never stopped loving his wife Shaheen Akhtar despite her losing her mental balance after losing nine children.

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