Indian HM Amit Shah Guarantees Citizenship To Every Religion Except Muslims, Showing Pure Hatred!

Indian HM Amit Shah Guarantees Citizenship To Every Religion Except Muslims, Showing Pure Hatred!

Amit Shah

Indian monstrosities in Occupied Kashmir are clear as the day sky. Their anti-Muslim agendas and plans have been exposed to the world the minute they abrogated Article 370. Kashmir bleeds away as the innocent Muslims have been locked down under curfew that has made their regular lives a living hell. With no access to little to no food, internet, phone network, education, and basic human rights; the beautiful valley has become a jail.

Considering the facts that are known, the continued lock-down and controlled national media that spews lies, it is evident that the Kashmiris are being killed, raped, abducted and abused in ways unimaginable. Mass genocide is in process and India hasn’t budged; instead, keeps dancing around the same false narrative of providing ‘safety’ and ‘harmony’ to the valley.

Kashmir Lockdown India

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Union home minister Amit Shah leaves out Muslims in his speech of providing citizenship to other religious minorities.

This goes to show how clear and headstrong they are in alienating the large Muslim community that resides in all of India. This is indeed an alarming situation and proves the crimes being committed against the Muslims of Kashmir in India.

Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Christian refugees were mentioned to be the ones that will be awarded Indian citizenship; however, there was no mention of one of the biggest minorities showing their hatred towards Muslims. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan solidified India’s true Hindutva face during his speech in the UNGA, where he spoke in detail about how India is committing grave human rights violations and it’s about time they are stopped by the UN.

Imran Khan UNGA

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Amit Shah is another face representing all of extremist Hindus that bear a deep grudge against the Muslim community. India is riding on rough waters as Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia are keeping a close watchful eye. Hopefully, these Muslims leaders will be able to play the role of the savior for the whole Ummah.

As of now, all of the Muslim community residing in India is facing a threat that could lead to a massacre; leading to war with Pakistan. Hopefully, it will not come to that and the sufferings of Muslims will be relieved.

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