A Molvi Tried To Shut This Girl Down On Amir Liaquat’s Ramadan Transmission and It Is Very Inappropriate!

Every year, Pakistanis wait for this holy month of Ramazan. Ramazan is that one month in which people love the hardships with great acceptance. Though our work doubles in the month of Ramazan and things get tougher especially when they arrive in the hottest month of the year.

People love everything about Ramazan, from Sehri to Iftar, and of course, short office hours hehe! Oh and not to forget the Ramazan transmissions. Ramazan transmissions are much awaited because many people, before and father iftar just like to watch the TV as everything that the Pakistani channels show is “halal” enough.

Anyway, so, this girl who was part of the audience at “Ramzan Mein Bol” hosted by Amir Liaquat, asked the panel present there, a very normal question. She asked the panel how in the corporate world women are asked to do makeup, be all dressed like normal days in Ramazan, so, what should women do in such situations?

Here’s the video!

One mufti took it all casual and talked about it as a social issue whereas, the other molvi had to counter-attack the girl which didn’t seem to turn out too well!

The molvi in reply to the girl said that I have been looking at the girl who asked the question and all I wanted to say is, if she has a problem with doing makeup when her office administration asks her, why has she applied makeup here? Nobody asked her to do makeup here.

To which the girl really didn’t reply and the other molvis sitting there simply laughed at his statement! Well, what do we call this? Selective participation? Actually, the girl never said that she has a problem doing any makeup but rather asked an important question if it is okay to makeup while fasting. Clearly, it is sure that common sense is NOT very common nowadays.

What do you people say?

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