Amir Liaquat Just Got Banned from TV by the Islamabad High Court Aur Pakistanis Jhoom Uthay!

One of the most controversial personalities in Pakistan has to be Amir Liaquat Hussain. He has had a dramatic transition from being a religious scholar to TV host and somewhere, a mere politician. This guy knows how to stay relevant, especially due to the fact he surfaces on news every now and then.

Think of how many times Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain has been banned by PEMRA, we totally lost count. The anchor continued to make appearances on TV and you know what that means… Before we talk about how the Islamabad High Court felt obliged to ban this man, let us consider all the times Dr. Amir Liaquat went full-fledged insane on live television.

Remember this?

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Outrageous, indeed. Only someone like Amir Liaquat could do that, seriously.

How can we forget this?

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It was the birth of all the famous “Aaam Khayega” syndrome that took a toll on people. Must mention, Amir Liaquat has contributed to the birth of Internet banter more than anything that he tries to preach in his TV segments.


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Now Islamabad High Court got into action against Amir Liaquat, and here’s how they came up to the decision…

On Wednesday, IHC banned him from making TV appearances til further notice. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui took note of a petition filed by a citizen. The petition sought a complete ban on the TV anchor, barring him from making appearances on TV, social media, print media on the accusation of using his influence to spread hatred.

It was further argued that Amir Liaquat does not hold any Islamic degree that would qualify him to be a professional Islamic scholar. It’s just a title that he has attributed to himself after hosting TV shows.

Shortly after the news circulated on social media, Pakistanis sought immense relief… here’s how people react:

People have serious issues regarding what he preaches on live television

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Many simply rejoiced over the news!

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Looks like Amir Liaquat does not really have many fans…

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What do you guys think?

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Well, guys, share your comments on the whole matter. Do you think it’s the right decision?

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