Amir Liaquat Joins PTI and Pakistanis Are like “Yeh Kya Hua, Kese Hua, Kyun Hua?”

It’s official… just look at them!

Amir Liaquat Hussain joins Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf as a party member. In other words, PTI just lost a major vote bank after allowing the controversial media personality into their unit. There were many rumors following it a few months ago. However, PTI officially denied their association with Amir Liaquat.

Now, the scenes became real and for many PTI followers, it’s a highly disappointing turn. Especially when the country is verging towards the general elections of 2018. Many followers have turned their backs on such a move, there are party members who openly object Amir Liaquat’s inclusion in the party and then there are those who have chosen to stay silent about it.

At this moment, Twitter is the ideal place to catch every reaction by Pakistanis. The social media fraternity continues to talk about the matter and it has been a much sought-after trend since last night.

The following thread is Pakistanis typically going insane; so, sit back, relax and enjoy!

That’s one good point there!

Here’s a diehard supporter blurting it all out

Oh, imagine the meltdown…


He’s already foreshadowing at what may be the apparent outcome in the coming time…

There goes Salman Ahmad, former band member of Junoon and a life-long supporter of Imran Khan

They are losing supporters like crazy!

That’s a good realization there…

It will be interesting how PTI steer their political mandate from this standpoint, especially now when the elections are close and they must definitely be looking to cash in a large vote back. One thing’s for sure, whoever is a fan of Amir, they may be hundreds and thousands, they all would now turn towards him and back him regardless. Perhaps that’s what PTI are aiming for?

What do you guys think about Amir Liaquat joining the political party? Share your opinion with us on the latest news.

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