Amir Khan Tags the Wrong “Faryal” On His Anniversary Post and People Can’t Stop Laughing!

Amir Khan, the famed boxer is back in the news. Long before he pulled himself into an epidemic of controversy, the UK-based boxer enjoyed a good amount of limelight as a professional boxer. There would only be news of him knocking out other athletes but now, it’s nothing like that.

Ever since Faryal Makhdoom, Amir’s wife posted those Snapchat stories, accusing her in-laws of maltreatment, the couple has been hit by a heap of censure from all directions. The whole controversy surrounding the couple spanned for more than a year now. Week in, week out, we heard so many updates in the entire case and it does not seem to stop anywhere.

So, not long ago we heard about Amir Khan being allegedly involved with a 22-year-old beautician. He was accused of having a one night stand with her. Amir totally dismissed the claims, calling it “total nonsense”.

Alright. That one went away in thin air. But here’s another one in the pocket. The news is that the couple is having their 5th wedding anniversary. It’s been 5 years in marriage and all eyes were on what they would do for each other. Surely, a nice Instagram post was warranted. And it did. Amir Khan wrote a nice thing for his wife and posted it publically. But there is some twist to it.

Amir Khan tags the wrong Faryal Makhdoom on his Instagram post and oh boy…

via Instagram

And SAVE! He realized what he had done and just totally changed it…

via Instagram

Okay, that was an epic fail. None can deny that for sure. It is baffling how he could make such a mistake in the first place. But thank goodness, he realized his mistake and saved the day by not letting it be the same way.

Man, this is funny seriously.

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