Amir Khan ‘Finally’ Ends His 3-Year Long Fight With Parents After They Called His Wife A Bad Mother!

The long-standing family feud that took center stage in media turning from bad to ugly was that of the Khans. Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom have been into several spats that didn’t stay between the couple only and involved Amir’s family too when Faryal blamed her in-laws for being a bully. Amir’s parents too retaliated and launched several accusations on Faryal branding her as pure evil.

The spat took an ugly shape splitting the son from his parents after they called Faryal a bad mother to their young daughter Lamaisah. To this Amir stopped speaking to them for six months extending the dispute that continued on for three long years.


However, the son has announced that all is in the past and he is on great terms with his parents.

According to the sources he spoke to, he said, “I speak to them all the time – everything is cool between them.

“I’m in a sport where one punch can change your life, and I thought, ‘Be nice to everyone’.”

Via Bad Left Hook

Amir now 32 and on to becoming the father of his third child, has reconnected with his family and it is great to see that everything has been sorted out. His father, Shah, and mother, Falak said that they have not spoken to him for six months. But, finally, the fued is over and we can see less of such controversies emerging from this family.

The entire world has been a witness to the fight and was with Amir in this journey. Nothing is better than reuniting with your parents as no matter what goes down and how badly they must have behaved towards a situation; they are a blessing from the God and need their children when they are old and weary.

We wish happiness, harmony and peace to Faryal, Amir and his parents. May they all find the courage to forgive each other and find comfort in one another.

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