Boxer Amir Khan Just Announced he is Back with Faryal Makhdoom After All the Drama!

These past few months have been no less than a HUM TV drama for the Khans. After announcing in a rather low-ball manner how Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are ending their marriage, the social media enjoyed quite a show between the two.

Let’s Hit Some Flashbacks, Shall We?

Starting with the family drama between Faryal and Amir Khan’s family, Faryal shared how the family abused her and did not respect her at all.

Then the Matter of Faryal Makhdoom Cheating on Khan was Thrown on Social Media

Khan called her “gold digger” and other demeaning words. The couple was said to have separated their paths.

Faryal claimed that their accounts were hacked, but Khan stated how that was an additional lie and he is serious about divorcing the wife.

The rumors of Amir Khan dating Pakistani actress Alizeh Ghabool caught a lot of steam as well. The two were spotted at parties, making flirty comments on each other’s Instagram posts.

On the Other Hand, Faryal Announced her Pregnancy

Faryal was seen flaunting the baby bump while talking about the pregnancy hiccups. On the social media, she was dealing with the pregnancy in a strong manner despite not having her husband around.

However, Seems All of that is About to Change!

Amir Khan just announced he is back with his 4-month-pregnant wife

And As Always, It Shook a Lot of People as well


Anyway, wishing the couple all the best for their marriage and here’s to hoping they won’t bring their personal matters on social media next time, hehe.


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