Amir Khan Divorce Faryal Makhdoom After Insulting Each Other on Social Media

Remember how a couple of days ago Faryal Makhdoom had a huge fit with husband Amir Khan’s family? The sister in law and wife took it on their Snapchat to throw shade on each other. All of those rose when Faryal released the nude of Amir’s brother on her Snapchat and on her Twitter. The conditions calmed down and everything was going fine for the family and for the couple, until 2 hours ago when Amir Khan divorce Faryal Makhdoom and announced that the couple is separating.

Things, however, weren’t becoming any easier between the family, as Amir’s parents in an interview to the local media stated bitter things about their daughter in law. This led to Amir releasing a statement which indicated how the boxer will leave everyone if this nonsense didn’t stop.

Amir Khan Divorce Faryal Makhdoom & Here’s what Amir Tweeted on Twitter

The Boxer Then Started Revealing that Faryal Cheated on Him with Boxer Anthony Joshua

And Then There Was More Dirt Thrown by Amir Khan

And the Same Family Matter was Dragged Then

The Boxer Had Chill!

Now comes the side where Faryal Responds to the Tweets Made by Amir


A Little Hard to Believe but Okay

Tit for Tat…Maybe?

Oh Dear.

Woah There!


Users Kept themselves Updated to this Brawl

Raising a private matter like this is what Faryal Makhdoom did when having issues with Amir’s side of the family. Turns out, the boxer did the same when he wanted to tell the world what Faryal did. The truth? No body can really tell.

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