Amin Hafeez’s Reporting On PSL Ticket Sales Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Pakistan is living high in the spirit of celebrating the return of cricket in the home ground. The entire nation is looking forward to the final of the 2nd edition of PSL which will take place in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore on the 5th of March.

With high means of security and preparations, the excitement of Pakistanis can be seen on how the tickets were sold within 24 hours of availability!

Bank of Punjab is still filled with cricket fanatics from all over Pakistan, wanting to grab their chance on witnessing the return of cricket on the home ground. While people are busy fighting for their way to buy a ticket, Geo news reporter Amin Hafeez is keeping them fully entertained!

Amin Hafeez went to Bank of Punjab’s branch where hundreds of Pakistanis are protesting to buy tickets worth rs.5000. Because the management has informed the spectators that rs.500 tickets are sold out, the herd is protesting and Amin Hafeez stands by them.



What makes Amin Hafeez’s reporting so unique is how he jolly and entertaining he is:

And people absolutely love him!

LOOOOL When The Guy Said “8000rs Hotay Tou Dosri Shaadi Karleta

This wasn’t the first time Amin Hafeez gave us one of the most entertaining reporting.

Remember His Rain Season Reporting?

And When He Talked To Cows While Reporting Eid-ul-Azha Last Year?

Never change, Amin Hafeez. Zinda-dilanay Lahore needs a zinda-dallana like yourself!

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