This American Woman Travels All the Way to Marry a Pakistan after Meeting Him on Facebook

Alright guys, today we present you a story of a Facebook relationship that is making waves of popularity on social media. It has been reported that an American woman travelled all the way to Pakistan to marry her lover who she met on Facebook. That’s quite a surprise, isn’t it?

It is another case of a Facebook friendship and normally in our culture, we have seen so many people sending each other friend requests, getting along, taking things on a next level – all in a virtual interaction. But when you are thousands of miles away and practically have not seen a person, how can you take the step of taking things on a huge level as that of marriage? This is why this story is interesting!

Meet Kathleen Agnetha and Harry Adeel Awan; here’s their unique story…

Source: Daily Motion

Kathleen reached Haripur to meet Adeel, where she embraced Islam and solemnized the marriage. After converting to Islam, she changed her name to “Maryam”. She is really happy and content with her decision.

It was also reported that people of the village absolutely adore the newlywed couple. According to sources, the village wholeheartedly welcomed her and attended their wedding ceremony. They exclusively attended the wedding just to meet the bride.

Source: Daily Motion

Well, we cannot say much than feel happy about the people involved in this matrimony. It is absolutely incredible how they have come into this bond and seem to be really happy with it.

This guy is winning the respect of so many people as well as the woman, who people have come to admire for taking such a proactive and confident decision in her life.

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