This American Singer Sang ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ In Kashmir Rally Islamabad And Indians Seem Offended!

In the recent atrocities going on in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), the world is witnessing the extremely inhumane India. Muslim leaders have joined hands and are putting in efforts to provide justice to the Kashmiris and free them from Modi Sarkar’s brutalities. The irrational scrapping of Article 370 by India’s leading political alliance Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) outraged the issue to the highest level of inhumanity and the world now know Pakistan’s true efforts to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

American Singer singing ‘Dil Dil Dil Pakistan’ in Islamabad rally!

In the desire of power, Narendra Modi has made a sheer fool out of India and the world is now standing with Kashmir. Earlier this week, on Friday, a rally was arranged in Islamabad, Pakistan in solidarity with Kashmir and its people. Along with Pakistani actor Shan Shahid, an American singer was also a part of the rally and his performance gave literal chills to the attendees.

‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ by an American singer with the realm of ‘Kashmir Hai Pakistan’!

Originally sung by the iconic Junaid Jamshed, ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ has turned into a national song with time. Wearing a peace t-shirt, the US singer named Todd, performed the legendary song with his own transitions adding ‘Kashmir Hai Pakistan’ in between and it offended Indian to the core.

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Pakistanis appreciated the efforts and Indians were severely offended!

The Islamabad rally instantly went viral on the internet with the hashtag #KashmirRallyIslamabad becoming the top trend on Twitter. Pakistanis appreciated the efforts while Indians were fuming with anger and their hateful comments say it all.



Let’s not miss this one here…

As India’s monstrosity has urged the world to stand with Kashmiris, this rally was a great way to show the world that Kashmiris are not alone.

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