American Company Invests $200 Million in Pakistan’s Salt Industry

American Company Invests $200 Million in Pakistan's Salt Industry

In a significant achievement for Pakistan’s economic advancement, Minister for Mineral achievement Anwar ul Haq Kakar emphasised the Specialised Investment Facilitation Council’s (SIFC) critical role in creating an enabling environment for foreign investment. Minister Kakar cited an American company’s $200 million investment in the salt mining industry as evidence of the government’s commitment to strong economic policies. He expressed optimism that this collaboration would not only increase salt exports but also help to strengthen Pakistan’s economy by leveraging the country’s tremendous human and natural resources. Minister Kakar went on to say that this investment demonstrates the government’s commitment to promoting openness, collaboration, and shared prosperity across a wide range of sectors, including salt mining.

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The remarks were made during the signing ceremony of an agreement between Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and the American firm Miracle Salt Works Collective. Minister Kakar mentioned that the U.S.-Pakistan trade partnership is significant, anticipating mutual benefits and fostering strong ties between both nations and their people. He highlighted that the $200 million investment would not only enhance Pakistan’s salt exports but also serve as a milestone in promoting foreign investment in various sectors. The Minister concluded by emphasizing the government’s dedication to facilitating investments, removing unnecessary barriers, and creating a conducive regulatory environment, providing equal opportunities for investors in Pakistan.

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