American Comedian Jeremy McLellan Exposed a Hotel in Islamabad and It is Extremely Disappointing!

Jeremy McLellan, an American comedian is visiting Pakistan and it seems an honor for us. Why? Despite knowing how Americans have extreme views regarding Muslims especially Pakistanis, an American is here without caring what the world thinks about us.

If you follow McLellan, you will see how liberal the American is. He spreads love and peace throughout his work and encourages his followers the same. On various occasions, McLellan has spoken in the favor of oppressed races. Indeed, having him in Pakistan is an honor for us.

Having his shows in different parts of the country, McLellan is exploring the beauty of Pakistan and each day, he shares his views regarding his experiences. While his experiences spread positivity about our country, this one experience is nothing, but an utter disappointment as a Pakistan.

While Staying at the Hotel Margala on Kashmir Highway in Islamabad, McLellan and His Team Got Ill Due to Management Serving them Contaminated Water!

Facebook: Jeremy McLellan Comedy

Here’s What McLellan Shared on his Facebook Page:

Okay, friends. Here it is.

The hotel we stayed at in Islamabad was the Hotel Margala on Kashmir Highway. Our entire team of dental students, including myself, got violently ill while we were there because (we later found out) they were refilling Nestlé water bottles with tap water and passing it off to us as bottled water at breakfast. Every Pakistani in this country knows that visitors will get sick if they drink tap water, and no Pakistani I know would be so shamefully inhospitable as to poison guests who are serving their country.

Needless to say, this caused enormous problems for our stay. The dentists and dental students were physically harmed in the carrying out of their work in the villages surrounding Islamabad. I had to skip two days of charity work because I was ill. If I had been sick on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, my shows would have been canceled.

When confronted about this, the manager (Kushnood-a-Khan) lied to our faces and refused to admit what happened. His picture is in the comments, as is a picture I took of the empty bottles while they were refilling them.

Facebook: Jeremy McLellan

I strongly recommend that anyone, especially visiting foreigners, do not stay at the Margala Hotel while visiting Islamabad. If you have a reservation, cancel it if you can. I cannot guarantee your safety.

If you agree that this is wrong, please feel free to share this post and express your (respectful!) disapproval to the following:

Mr. Khushnood-a-Khan (manager)
Hotel Margala
UAN: +92-51 111 901
TEL: 051-227 65 00 – 5, 873 99 15 – 20

It is indeed appalling to see how the locals of this specific hotel chose to represent themselves in front of a foreigner who is changing the image of Pakistan. Perhaps McLellan wasn’t the first who experienced such an awful treatment – the hotel must be doing this prior to McLellan and his team’s experience.

For the sake of saving a few pennies, do not tarnish the reputation of our country!

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