Amazon Launches New Humanoid Robot into Warehouses

Amazon Robots Warehouse

A robot with two legs and arms is being tested by the tech giant that picks up empty boxes and weighs 16kg. Robots already operate in Amazon warehouses and aim to “eliminate all the menial, mundane, and repetitive work”.

Fear of Employee Displacement Due to Amazon Robots Warehouse

Amazon bosses assure Amazon staff is “irreplaceable” and that this technology will not reduce the number of warehouse workers.

In response to a question about whether the company could become fully automated, Tye Brady, the company’s chief technologist, responded “I don’t think that would ever happen.” People are so important to the fulfillment process; their ability to think at a higher level and diagnose problems.

He further said, “We will need people, I have never been around an automated system that works 100% of the time. I don’t think you have as well.”

Digit is a humanoid robot that is undergoing testing at its robotics research and development facility located just south of Seattle. It can move between sites and pick up and handle shipments that are meant for consumers.

Amazon Tests Robots:

Amazon has announced the installation of a robotic system named Sequoia in a warehouse in Houston. This system is intended to expedite deliveries by storing goods 75% faster and cutting order processing times by up to 25%

Amazon wants its robots to be collaborative and support workers, despite the belief held by many observers that it aspires to run its entire warehouse operation with robots. This philosophy is fundamental to how the company designs and implements systems like Sequoia and Digit.

Amazon also sets its foot in Pakistan! The company has registered a local office under the name Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. In addition, it is forming a team for Amazon Web Series (AWS) in Pakistan.

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