Amazing Reasons Why Couples Who Pray Together Stay Together!

Praying is an important part of every religion. One of the pillars of Islam is offering Salah five times a day, Orthodox Jews pray three times a day and Hindus reach out to temples to pray when they feel low on spirituality. Prayers strengthen an individual’s faith in God, it also keeps your life in shape.

For people in a relationship, prayers can serve as a shield of protection. In a study, psychologists found that the couples who offer their daily prayers together stay together for a longer period of time.

How Does It Work?

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Mark Butler, a professor at Brigham Young University and Frank Finchman, the director of Florida University Family Institute conducted research in which they found that the religious practices and beliefs are associated with the happiness of the couple. Butler stated that,

“People who pray are more likely to forgive partners for wrongdoings, it’s also associated with more gratitude in life. Joint prayer is at its best when two people come together to offer what researchers call “intercessory prayers,” or prayers used to build up a romantic partner.”

Fincham highlighted in his research that,

“Spouses shift their focus from their own individual needs to the needs of the relationship and behaviors beneficial to their partner. People can manipulate their partners in joint prayer, just like they can manipulate them in other contexts. Manipulation generally occurs when one partner prays about the other partner, offering the example of a person who prays something like, “My partner is being really ornery right now. Can’t you fix them, God?”

What Are Other Benefits Of Praying Together?

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Couples today are under stress more than ever before because of their daily commitments. They barely get time to sit and talk peacefully. In these circumstances, if a couple just plans to pray together, it would benefit them. How?

Here we have listed a few benefits of praying together:

1. It Is An Invitation to Change

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It is an ideal time for both, husband and wife to ponder over their conflicts and mistakes. Instead of complaining to Allah about each other, they can make this time productive which would surely bring a positive change in life.

2. It Will Boost Your Spirituality

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Allah stated in Holy Quran that,

And the men who remember Allah often and the women who do so – for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward. (Surah Ahzab, verse 35).

When husband and wife pray together, they get connected to Allah spiritually which brings compassion, the spirit of sacrifice and love.

3. Prayers Remove Selfishness

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When you both spread the mat for prayers, the negativity dies at that moment only and you will feel yourself closer to Allah. When your hearts get aligned, you will see yourself praying for someone in your life and not just for yourself or your selfish motives.

Praying together helps couples see a side of them they can’t in their regular life. They get a chance to connect with each other on a level they never thought they could ever connect.

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